Chicken Inc. aka Chickensliquidshitexperience 1991 - 1998:

The brothers Thomas and Christoph created the band Chickensliquidshitexperience in 1991 with the help of a detuned guitar and a pot cover. After a wear of dozens rehearsing musicians with different instruments from a violin to kazoo, Christian as bassist was added as a third member, technical director and singer, who could not sing. In addition the band reached the highpoint of technical virtuosity. In the meantime the band made a good name in the medium sized city Kempten, when Andi, a more talented bassist, joined.

Christian: vocals
Thomas: guitars, background vocals
Andreas: bass, background vocals
Christoph: drums

Die Hempel GmbH 1994 - 1997:

Meanwhile the talents shifted themselves. Singer and guitarist swapped the instruments and Hempel GmbH was born. This formation availed themselves of the German language, persiflied themselves as antisocial brothers from the Ruhrpott and served consciously the 3-chords-music-philosphy. Both successful music projects unfortunately disintegrated by local changes, university studies and excessive beer and Jägermeister benefit. Besides the brothers assumed the precarious life-style of the hempel-philosphy.

Atze Hempel: vocals
Pete Hempel: guitars
Paule Hempel: bass
Jürschen Hempel: drums, background vocals

Thomas is now a successful industrial captain.
Christian is a mathematician and programmer.
Andreas is doctor of industrial engineering science and manager.
Christoph took years to build this web page.

This web page is a thoughtful memory of this band, which last chapter is not yet written. We´re gonna get our lable contract, dear public!




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